Internet Business – Yours

Internet Business – Yours

Internet Business is a reality.  Every Local Business needs to be aware of their online reputation. Even if they think they are just a brick & mortar store and don’t advertise on the internet, they should be aware of what the world is saying about them and should be paying attention to their online presence.

Being proactive is the best way to win at this activity.  It’s not something you can ignore: if they never heard of you, that’s almost as bad as a negative review!  So develop a good online presence and rely on word-of-mouth for some of your advertising.

Branding yourself is most easily done on the internet, with a website, a mobile website, social media and video marketing.  You can reach more people in a shorter time and for less money.  Direct mail advertising has it’s place, but your reach is greater on the internet.

Let your marketing consultant be your guide on the best practices.

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