Let’s Make This Easy & Just Get Started!


If you have browsed other sites looking for some help with your business, you are probably pretty confused. That little term SEO keeps popping up and bringing with it a bunch of incomprehensible jargon you don’t understand, so how can you choose between $3000 and $8000 packages?

What are your basic needs right now? More leads, more customers, more repeat customers.

How does First Choice Marketing Canada meet those requirements?  ONLINE PRESENCE

We have discussed the need for mobile websites: customers looking to buy right now are searching on a mobile device.  But you don’t want to miss the customer who researches ahead on his desktop, so a responsive website that is mobile optimized caters to both.

Or we can do a simple lead generation site that is mobile optimized too. A website is only the beginning: you don’t just “build it and they will come.”  You have to help them find it and that requires some work – considerable work with these small sites.  There is a certain amount to be done to attract traffic, with the site itself – proper domain choice and “on page seo”, but we also need to do some “off page seo” to get the real action along with related linking and ranking procedures.


To get you found on the web, get some positive testimonials and reviews where they will do the most good.  This is modern “word of mouth”.  A simple Tap-to-call mobile site that customers can use to reach you when they are on the go.

This basic package is only $500 and will give you a big advantage in your marketing.



We go forward in this comprehensive package, giving you more exposure on the internet to broaden your presence.  The mobile site has many features including photos and menus for services and can even provide online ordering for restaurants.

This package is $750 with additional $150 monthly maintenance for the mobile site, fangate and SEO.



This option gives you all of the previous features, plus the benefit of a full 8 page website, where you can showcase your services.

You will have a completely designed website (8 pages) on its way to being an authority site – this depends on how much you are willing to contribute and work with us.  The site will have built-in architecture to get rankings quickly and the additional SEO will send it to the top.

This package is $1500, plus $297 monthly for maintenance and SEO.

It’s your decision -it will be my pleasure to work with you.

Please see chart here.