Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will involve more than Tweets and playing Animal Farm on Facebook.  Social Media is important for every business. Google won’t recognize you if you don’t have a Social presence.

Google wants to know who you are, or rather, who the world thinks you are.

Your profiles and Company identification must all match on every site that anyone may search.  Branding yourself  through your citations is all-important for your online presence.  Your mission statement should be clear and to the point and the same on all Web 2.0 sites.  Take the time to develop a good “elevator speech”, which says it all.

Even the largest corporations are on Facebook, and your marketing consultant will tell you there is value in that.  Many companies are diverting their ad-spending to Social Media Marketing, realizing that is the trend.  Your Business Fan Page can be your best customer service tool, with easy accessibility and response, and builds your community, both within your company and with your clients.

Linked In is the preference for many business owners and there are strategies for expanding your influence and gaining contacts.

Google Plus Local is becoming more and more important and cannot be ignored.  Google’s influence is undeniable and being linked with the various Google accounts gives you an advantage, also more places to advertise your business.  And Hangouts can be an awesome tool for promoting your business or even within your company.

“Word of mouth” is still the best advertising.  Anyone would rather take a recommendation from a friend before the fanciest advertisement.