Google Plus

Why Do You Need Google Plus?

It’s a way of meeting and getting in front of people you might never get together with otherwise.  When you set up your Circles, don’t just focus on your Business, expand your thinking to take in your interests and other activities.  You never know where your contacts in those areas may lead.  Your fellow “trekkie” may be Marketing Manager for a company that could use your services.

In your Profile, show your face, who you are, what you do, what kind of people you are looking to interact with…   (Even Joint Ventures). And include your Social Media links and your websites. You will be surprised how many doors this will open.

Use circles to organize your contacts into groups for sharing different information, social and business,  and checkout Hangouts as an awesome way to hold a meeting – free!

Using the +1 button will build your influence in search results. Take some time to explore and add contacts and follow up with interesting and interested people.