13 Promising Business Opportunity Ideas in 2021

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13 Promising Business Opportunity Ideas in 2021
13 Promising Business Opportunity Ideas in 2021

Onlythebestchoice – The year 2020 brings many impacts and changes in many aspects, one of which is in the business ecosystem. Shopping behavior and consumer needs are shifting. Online platforms are now the main medium for selling.

This change certainly also creates new opportunities for businesses. For those of you who run or plan to build a business, it takes the ability to be able to see opportunities and analyze the needs of the community in order for business planning to be appropriate.

What products will be sought after by consumers this year and can be used as a business? Here are some pretty promising business opportunity ideas in 2021:

Healthy Food

Pandemics make many people increasingly concerned about their health and diet. The purchase rate of healthy foods and beverages as well as supplements and vitamins also increased. This is one of the opportunities for those of you who run a healthy food business or plan to make a business in the field of food.

The variety can also be chosen and developed by yourself starting from the menu options such as indonesian, Japanese, Korean, or Western specialties. It can also be varied from the purpose of each menu, such as healthy food packages for those who want to diet, packages for those who want to form a body, special packages for school children, and more.

Sports Equipment

Aside from food, people’s interest in sports is also increasing along with increasing awareness of health. This can be seen from more and more people who cycle or run in the morning. The level of sales of sports equipment in various marketplaces also increased.

You can develop a sports equipment business for certain types of sports or in general. When targeting certain sports, of course the market is narrower but it can also be more niche where competitors have not so much. In addition to sports equipment, you can also sell sports equipment such as clothing or shoes specifically for certain sports.

Catering Business

Just like the healthy food business, catering businesses are also lately increasingly in demand, especially by consumers who live in big cities. Because it is busy, many people prefer to rely on catering for their daily meals.

Although currently some people work from home, not a few still choose catering as their lunch solution because of its convenience. There are many variations of catering business that you can explore. However, keep in mind that the level of competition of catering businesses is also high. Therefore, you should be able to target the right market and offer them something unique.

Ready-to-Cook Food

Since the pandemic, ready-to-cook food has become more and more sought after by many people, especially housewives during the pandemic. The reason, frozen food is a fast food alternative to prepare and more efficient than eating outdoors. In addition, many also choose to shop for ready-to-cook food or vegetables online instead of buying them physically directly to prevent transmission. Nowadays some restaurants also start to adjust to this behavior by selling their food in the form of frozen food.

Decoration &Home Appliances

Pandemic makes people’s activities outside the home become limited. As a result, many people find new hobbies and activities that can be done indoors as an alternative. Many people then buy household appliances such as cooking utensils and home or room decorations. This is a business opportunity that you can try to get involved in. If you have crafting or design skills, you can create your own products to make them more unique.

Ornamental Plants

In addition to decoration, the demand for ornamental plants has also increased rapidly since the pandemic. Many people then start a hobby of caring for houseplants. In addition to filling free time, ornamental plants also make the house look more beautiful and fresh. Not limited to ornamental plants, many also start farming vegetables such as spinach to be cooked.

Home Clothes

If people are usually looking for clothes for work, sightseeing, or parties, now many consumers are more looking for home clothes or relaxing because they spend more time at home. You can grow your home clothing business while looking at the clothing trends that are in demand right now so that you can develop interesting and relevant products.


This business is especially suitable for those of you who live in urban areas. Usually because of busy many people do not have time to wash their clothes and end up choosing to use laundry services. To start this business also do not have to spend a lot of capital first. You can use your own washing machine at the beginning. However, for this effort make sure you can guarantee the safety and cleanliness of clothes, especially in the middle of a pandemic like this so that customers feel safe.

Eco-Friendly Products

According to research, consumers today are increasingly concerned about the state of the environment. This is an opportunity to develop a business that sells environmentally friendly products ranging from natural-based everyday products, household products, decorations, fashion, and other product categories. This eco-friendly nature will make your business unique.


Packaging today is also increasingly noticed by consumers. Moreover, unboxing is often done by people who are just buying goods. This packaging is not limited to the packaging of fashion or food products only but also other products. Packaging materials and designs are now part of branding. More and more businesses are also using eco-friendly packaging.

Plus, nowadays most businesses turn to online sales which means all goods need packaging to ship. Therefore, the packaging business is expected to increase in demand. This is an opportunity for those of you who want or are running a packaging business to increase sales.


Nowadays many people restrict activities outside the home, let alone out of the city or country. If you have friends or acquaintances who live outside the city or country, you can work together and build a titip service business (jastip). You can market your jastip items on social media in order to reach more potential buyers.

Children’s Toys

Many parents are looking for entertainment alternatives for their children while at home in addition to gadgets. Therefore, children’s toys become one of the businesses that you can try to run. Offer interactive and educational games so that parents are also interested in buying their children.

Hampers &Personalized Gift

Lately hampers are increasingly sought after by people as a choice of gifts or gifts for certain events ranging from weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more.

You can offer hampers that can be personalized or customized so that the gift can be more personalized. Also offer greeting cards to buyers. Don’t forget to create a unique decoration so that your hampers have their own characteristics.

Do not forget to also pay attention to customer satisfaction when running a business ranging from service to delivery. Use a delivery service that can guarantee the safety of goods and the speed of delivery so that consumers feel well served and return to buy your products.

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