4 Good Business Opportunities in Indonesia

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4 Good Business Opportunities in Indonesia
4 Good Business Opportunities in Indonesia [fhoto/ilustrasi]

Top 4 Business Opportunities in Indonesia in 202

OnlyTheBestChoice – Indonesia offers abundant business opportunities making the country one of the most popular destinations for business establishments.

In the past decade, there has been an increase in the population and development in Indonesia, followed by business startups in various sectors that are endlessly popping up.

Various government policies have been issued in recent years to support entrepreneurs and investors to set up companies in Indonesia.

Here are 4 business opportunities in Indonesia for you to consider as a place to invest.

Top 4 Business Opportunities in Indonesia 2020:

  1. Travel Agency

With more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, the country offers diverse landscapes and different destinations to enhance the quality of the adventure experience for visitors from different parts of the world.

Therefore, the tourism industry is growing and provides many business opportunities for investors. More than 16 million tourists visited Indonesia in 2019.

Indonesia’s tourism sector and potential business opportunities, especially travel agencies, are destined to grow steadily, especially now that the Indonesian government has allowed foreigners from 169 countries to visit Indonesia without having to apply for a visa.

Here’s how you can start a travel agency in Indonesia:

  • Choose a business structure.
  • Choose a name for your business.
  • Registering a travel agency under the Tourism Act 2009 and the Business Tourism Area Standard 2014 article 17.
  • Obtained Business Certificate of Tourism Sector.
  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been one of the most important industries that have a major impact on the Indonesian economy, in line with the large amount of foreign direct investment that pours into the country every year.

This promising industry seems to be growing dramatically, especially as the Indonesian government has simplified the licensing process and provided investment incentives.

Indonesia is also ranked 10th as the world’s largest manufacturing country and the sector has employed more than 20% of the country’s working-age population, around 25 million people.

Therefore, thanks to its abundant, low-cost workforce, and fast-growing middle class, now is a great time for foreigners to take advantage of the opportunities the manufacturing industry has to offer.

To start a manufacturing company, do this:

  • Choose an ideal location such as an industrial area for factory construction.
  • Submit a list of master facilities, which is an exemption from the import tax of factory equipment.
  • Obtain a permanent business license.
  1. Construction

Another dynamic sector that offers the best business opportunities in Indonesia is construction.

The President of Indonesia also prioritized the sector and awarded IDR 404 million in 2018 for various construction projects, especially infrastructure such as airports, highways, power plants and railways.

One thing leads to another. Complete infrastructure also means accelerating the country’s growth and more business opportunities in Indonesia that will emerge as small sectors or other related sectors.

So how to start a construction business in Indonesia? We tell you:

  • Find out what kind of construction services you’re going to explore.
  • Select the legal structure.
  • Registering and incorporating construction businesses.
  • Obtain a business license and other appropriate certifications. For example, certificate of work expertise (SKA), certificate of business entity (SBU) and business license of construction services (IUJK).
  1. E-Commerce

E-commerce in Indonesia had amazing results in 2019: sales volume reached USD 2.7 billion. Indonesia also has the highest online market transactions throughout Southeast Asia. Indonesia’s e-commerce market will continue to grow to USD 1130 billion by 2020.

The process of establishing an e-commerce business in Indonesia is:

  • Get a business license.
  • Meet business requirements, such as obtaining npwp, technical license and company registration permit.
  • Assisting government programs.
  • Convey legitimate and honest information regarding owners, goods and services, etc. [*]