5 Cheap and Happy Holiday Tips to Bali!

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5 Cheap and Happy Holiday Tips to Bali!
5 Cheap and Happy Holiday Tips to Bali!

OnlyTheBestChoice – Bali is still a prima donna for tourists. Although many cities present beach tourist destinations that are no less beautiful such as Yogyakarta, Belitung, to Karimunjawa, but Bali seems to remain in the hearts of tourists and is always a priority when there are holidays to visit.

However, everyone knows that the location of Bali on a small island itself certainly requires a mode of transportation is not cheap and not infrequently planes become a practical solution to get there. Well, what if you want to vacation to Bali, but the budget is minimal? Backpacker-style travel is key! Here are tips backpacker vacation to Bali that is cheap and nagih.

  1. Itinerary and Luggage Do Not Overdo It

Preparing a travel plan for a backpacker is an obligation. This is because backpackers are independent travelers who do not rely on travel agents who prepare a complete itinerary for tourists. So, when it is well weighed for a vacation to Bali as a backpacker, in it should also be a complete itinerary from departure to home. Do not let, when it has arrived in Bali precisely confusion will go anywhere. Duh, you’re going to run out of time off! The itinerary is also considered yes with the budget it has.

In addition to the plan to visit any place in Bali, luggage that must be prepared while on the Island of the Gods should also be considered. Don’t bring a lot of clothes. Adjust to how many days there are. Don’t overdo it so that the backpack isn’t full of clothes and instead looks like it’s about to move. Don’t forget to bring dry food for snacks. If you want to save more, bring dry side dishes or even instant noodles to reduce the cost of eating.

  1. Transportation: from Trains to Ferries

Don’t use the plane! Expensive and even if you get a promo price, it is still relatively expensive. After all, to board a plane will not provide a meaningful experience because the journey becomes short. Public transportation to Bali is the most favorite among backpackers is by train. The destination station is to Banyuwangi. If Sahabat comes from Java yogyakarta, Solo, and surrounding areas, train tickets can be obtained from the price of Rp100,000.

After arriving in Banyuwangi, Sahabat can use a ferry from the port to the island of Bali. Simply spend Rp7,500 and have crossed to Bali. From bali’s harbor, buses are available to take you to the city centre. Bus tickets start at Rp35,000.

  1. Lodging: Simple and Comfortable

Find the cheapest lodging. Can be obtained from the price of Rp45,000 per night with simple facilities. If backpacker friends with friends, even cheaper because it can do cost sharing.

However, if Sahabat wants to save more costs and add friendships, you can find friends who live in Bali in advance to then stay overnight during the holiday in Bali loh. Can get acquainted with friends who are there or even deliberately looking for friends who live in Bali through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Kaskus. However, make sure the person is good yaaa.

  1. Eat Sparingly, the Important Satiety

To eat, there is no need to go to fancy places to save costs. Before leaving, be sure to eat first and bring snacks to eat while on the train. After arriving in Banyuwangi, can buy food near the station because usually there are food vendors at low prices.

Friends can also bring a supply of dry side dishes such as abon that can last a long time until instant noodles to be cooked at the inn. Oh yes, do not forget to bring a supply of drinks so that there is no need to spend money to drink yes.

  1. Travel in Bali

During the tour in Bali, Sahabat can use public transportation. Or, if you want more flexibility and cheap can rent a motorcycle or car loh. The rental price is calculated per day at Rp75,000 for motorcycles and Rp250,000 for cars.

A trip to Bali is no longer expensive if planned carefully and simply. What matters is the experience and the impression that the trip brings, right? After all, being a backpacker is a lot of fun because it doesn’t have to be rushed with a schedule that has been prepared by travel agents. [*]