5 Popular Tourist Destinations in Semarang City, Must Try!

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5 Popular Tourist Destinations in Semarang City, Must Try!
5 Popular Tourist Destinations in Semarang City, Must Try!

OnlyTheBestChoice – Tourist destinations in Semarang are very diverse. Behind its neatly arranged city, Semarang stores popular and unique tourist destinations that you should visit.

Tourist destinations in Semarang are also many that have historical elements that are unfortunately missed. Some of them are dutch heritage buildings that still hold their own attraction for tourists.

Tourist destinations in Semarang also tend to be affordable and easily accessible to tourists. Therefore, if you come to Semarang, do not forget to visit the following tourist destinations.

So, where are the popular and unique tourist destinations in Semarang? Here is the list as summarized from various sources, Thursday (15/4/2021).

Lawang Sewu

The first tourist destination in Semarang is Lawang Sewu. This is the most popular destination in Semarang because it contains mystical elements. Lawang Sewu itself is a colonial-era building that was once the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company.

The building was designed by Cosman Citroen and built from 1904 to 1907. The building also briefly became a prison during the Japanese colonial period until the battle between Dutch troops and Indonesian fighters.

Having a dark history, Lawang Sewu is now famous for its awesomeness, because many visitors come to feel its mystical aura. For its location, this tourist destination in Semarang is located on Jl Pemuda, Sekayu, Central Semarang. Then the price of admission is around Rp5,000.

Gedong Songo Temple

A tourist destination in Semarang that also has historical and educational elements is Gedong Songo Temple. Gedong Songo Temple or Gedongsanga Temple is located at the top of Mount Ungaran, precisely in the Temple Village, Somawono District, Semarang, Central Java.

As the name implies, in this temple complex there are nine (sanga) temple fruits. Known, this temple in Central Java was discovered by Thomas Stamford Raffles and is a relic of Hindu culture from the 9th century Syailendra Dynasty. The entrance ticket price ranges from Rp8,000 – Rp10,000.

Pendem Ambarawa Fort

Next there is Pendem Ambarawa Fort or Fort Willem I. This tourist destination in Semarang is also full of historical elements, you know! Because, Pendem Fort is a historical building in Ambarawa, Semarang. In view of its history, the fort was built in 1834 and completed in 1845. The span of Willem I was also a children’s prison, political prisoners, adult prisoners, until the headquarters of the TKR (People’s Security Army) in 1945.

However, due to its historical value as well as the old fort buildings eaten by age, this place has its own attraction for tourists. Many of the visitors use this place to take pictures. In fact, this tourist destination in Semarang is also often used as a shooting place for prewedding to filming.

The location of Pendem Fort is located in Bugisari, Lodoyong, Ambarawa, Semarang. Then for the free entrance ticket, you only need to pay for parking approximately Rp5,000

Brown Canyon Semarang

The next tourist destination in Semarang is Brown Canyon. So named because this destination resembles the Grand Canyon in America. Brown Canyon is located in Rawosari, Tembalang, Semarang City.

Before becoming a tourist attraction, Brown Canyon was once a former mining quarry. Due to mining activities, this place leaves a view of high cliffs and ponds that resemble swamps so that it looks like the Grand Canyon.

Many tourists who hunt for photos here are looking for Instagramable spots to display on their social media. For admission to this place there is also no free alias.

Kalipancur Waterfall

The last tourist destination in Semarang is Kalipancur Waterfall. The natural tourism area of Kali Pancur Waterfall is located in Nogosaren Village, Getasan District, Semarang Regency. However, to get to this tourist destination, visitors must bring their own vehicle. Because, there is no means of public transportation to the location of kalipancur waterfall. Even so, along the way, visitors will be presented with natural scenery of the slopes of Mount Telomoyo and Mount Merbabu.

If you want to get to the waterfall location closer, you have to go down the stairs. Besides decorated with natural rock reliefs, the 150-meter high waterfall cliff is also filled with small caves that are often used as shelter for swallows. The entrance ticket is around Rp5,000 per person. [red/*]

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