58-Year-Old Grandfather-Girl’s Wedding in Bone, Love Blossoms in Chocolate Garden

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58-Year-Old Grandfather-Girl's Wedding in Bone, Love Blossoms in Chocolate Garden
58-Year-Old Grandfather-Girl's Wedding in Bone, Love Blossoms in Chocolate Garden

Bone-South Sulawesi, OnlyTheBestChoice – Grandpa Bora’s marriage (58) to a 19-year-old girl, Ira Fazilah, in Bone, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), stole a lot of attention on social media (medsos) due to different ages.

The bride, Ira Fazilah, spoke up about the virality of their marriage. For Ira, a distant age is not a problem because she loves her husband, Grandpa Bora sincerely.

“If for me (age) is not a problem. Yes, I love (sincerely),” Ira told detikcom, Saturday (10/4/2021).

Please note, Grandpa Bora himself had a close family relationship with Ira before marriage, namely uncle and nephew, because Grandpa Bora is a cousin with ira’s mother. But that fact is not an impediment for them to get married.

Ira then recounts the beginning of his close relationship with Grandpa Bora until finally falling in love with each other.

“Actually he just came home from Kolaka (Sultra) and he gardened. I often help pick chocolate (cocoa),” jelas Ira.

In addition, Ira also often delivers food when Grandpa Bora is working in the garden. Since then, Grandpa Bora often jokes about liking Ira and getting married. As it turns out, Ira responds well to Grandpa Bora’s jokes.

“I also often bring him food if I work in his garden. Yes (closeness) because I often help him in his garden,” he explained.

Aside from love, Ira also reveals other factors why she married Grandpa Bora. Ira claims to want to take care of Grandpa Bora.

‘That’s because I’m also sorry and he’s also often sick. I want to take good care of him,” said Ira.

Ira also vehemently denied that he was married to Grandpa Bora because of his wealth. He said Grandpa Bora himself only lived in his garden house.
“He just lives in a garden house, where there is (married because of) wealth,” concluded Ira.

Previously reported, Grandpa Bora and Ira held their wedding in Bana Village, Bontocani District, Bone, on Wednesday (7/4/2021). His second marriage was simple.

The head of the local village, Isaac called the wedding purely because the bride and groom both liked it and there was no element of coercion. According to Isaac, Grandpa Bora was initially even asked to marry Ira’s biological mother alone, who also happened to be a widow. However, this was not the case because Grandpa Bora preferred to marry Ira.

“People here say, what if her mama, her mama is also a widow. But he said the child alone, I want to be taken care of because I am old,” explained Isaac.

According to Isaac, the wedding was actually held because Ira, as the bride was also willing to marry Grandpa Bora.

“That’s why when asked this child, he also wants, likes the same like,” jelas Isaac. (detikcom)