7 Frequent WhatsApp Problems And Solutions

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7 Frequent WhatsApp Problems And Solutions
7 Frequent WhatsApp Problems And Solutions

OnlyTheBestChoice – Although WhatsApp application is very popular and known to perform well, but that does not mean there is never a problem experienced by its users.

Because there are no apps that are perfectly correct, that’s why every application always updates or updates every time.

The update is done in addition to adding new features but also resolving problems or bugs that existed before.

In order to keep that in mind or even we have experienced problems in whatsappnya, here we try to give a review of what are the problems that often occur in WhatsApp and how to solve it.

  1. Install WhatsApp Unsuccessfully

The first problem that often occurs is that there are some people who can not install whatsApp application as it should even though it has been tried many times.

And the most accurate in overcoming this is to check if the smartphone you are using meets the minimum criteria for installing WhatsApp application or not.

For example if your version of the Android operating system is an old version like gingerbeed, although forced anything if installed through Google Playstore will not be able to.

Another example is that you can check if you have enough storage memory to install whatsapp app? Because the most frequent problem can not install whatsapp is due to insufficient storage memory.

  1. Problematic WhatsApp Calls

If you experience whatsapp can not call, this may be an error on the Internet network that you use.

Because to run WhatsApp the main requirement is to be connected to the Internet network.

Not only a problem with the call, if the internet connection is not good then WhatsApp can not send messages, and all its features will not work.

The best solution is if you use Wifi first check if the Wifi can function properly by asking other users who are connected with the same wifi.

However, if you use 4G / 3G Cellular Network please check your quota, it may be up. Because some operators do not send SMS message notifications when the consumer’s internet quota runs out.

  1. No Saved WhatsApp Contacts

Whatsapp instant messaging app uses carrier number as user id. So if you want to connect with other whatsapp users, you have to save the user’s contact number on your smartphone.

However there are some problems related to whatsapp contacts. The problem is that when they have saved the number on the smartphone, the contact does not appear in the whatsapp app.

Well it turns out, the solution in overcoming this usually lies in the error of input numbers that are less thorough. Why don’t you double-check the contact number?

But if the contact number is correct but still does not appear on whatsapp, try asking the person if he has signed up for WhatsApp? It could be a contact number that doesn’t appear on whatsapp because he hasn’t signed up for WhatsApp using that number.

  1. International Contact Not Found

While on holiday abroad you may meet new people, who also use WhatsApp. Or you have to do a job that has to connect with foreigners using WhatsApp.

Now the problem that often occurs is that after you save the contact number of the country’s people, you can not find the number in the WhatsApp application.

To overcome this solosi usually lies in the error code number of a country. Remember indonesia number code is different from foreign number code.

For example, in Japan, you must add a code in front of that number (+81) or an Australian country code (+61) etc.

  1. Not Getting Sms Activation Code

You who just changed your phone, of course you have to re-login to whatsApp number. Well usually when re-login you will be given a code as a security verification login via SMS.

After getting the verification code via SMS, you must enter the code on the page that is already available in whatsApp Application.

But what if we don’t get the verification code? It’s been waiting a long time but it still hasn’t been delivered.

Not getting a verification code is usually because there is a queue of verification code requests by other users or it could be because your carrier’s network number is having problems. To solve this, simply press resend the verification code so that the system will resend the code to you.

  1. Can’t Download Videos and Photos

WhatsApp is often used to send photos and videos to other users or WhatsApp groups. A frequent problem is when you can’t download photos and videos shared on WhatsApp.

This is apparently because there is an active usage data setting on your phone. Data usage is a limitation of network connections. So if your data usage has reached the setting limit there, then your network will not connect beyond its limit. It’s only natural that you can’t download photos and videos, because downloading photos and videos clearly requires a lot of data.

To solve it you can turn off the data usage feature settings on your phone.

  1. Can’t Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of those apps that often updates. Updates are made to add new features and fix bugs that exist in the app. But a frequent problem is when you can’t update the WhatsApp app.

This problem occurs usually because the phone’s memory capacity is insufficient. Try checking your storage again and make sure your phone has enough storage to update the WhatsApp app.

If the storage is full, you’ll need to delete files or other applications that take up a lot of storage, usually large files such as word, pdf, image, video, and game apps. [red]