7 Ways to Choose a Blog Creation Service, Anti-Fraud!

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7 Ways to Choose a Blog Creation Service, Anti-Fraud!
7 Ways to Choose a Blog Creation Service, Anti-Fraud!

Onlythebestchoice – If you are looking for a reference about a trusted blog creation service or how to buy a quality blog maker service, then you have found the right article, because in this article will be discussed about how to choose the right blog maker services, so you will not be fooled if you use the service.

For more information, please refer to this article until completion.

If you have real intentions, then actually creating a blog is not too difficult, which can obviously be done alone as long as you have strong intentions and desires.

Unfortunately, sometimes strong intentions and desires can not compromise with time, because a busy schedule either when working or busy learning, then inevitably the intention of having a good blog must be undone.

“Then what if you want to keep a blog?” Maybe that’s your question.

Easy, the solution to have a blog without having to create your own is to use the services of blogging. Just submit the name and niche of the blog you want to have, then the blog maker will immediately create it for you.

Practically not.

Unfortunately out there many say the services of blog makers but actually can not create a blog, or if it is true can create a blog, but the blog that was done was never handed over, or more than that, the person who opened the blog making service turned out to be a fraudster, who just took your money and then left.

wish until you order in a blog creation service that is like that, is not good, and even harms you.

Therefore, so that you do not get caught up with the services of creating abal-abal blog, please continue reading this article.

Tips for choosing a blog creation service
Because I will tell you tips and tips to order services choosing a blog creation service, in order to really get a bona fide and quality service provider of course, then what are the tips? Here it is:

  • Have a portfolio of blogs that have been worked on;
  • Have excellent service;
  • Can provide certainty when the order is completed;
  • Provide a guarantee of the blog being worked on;
  • Serious in the world of blogging;
  • Provide after-sales service;
  • Give bonuses.

There are 6 points that should be considered before using one of the blog maker services as stated earlier.

To deepen your understanding of these tips, please continue reading the following explanations:

First of all, it has a portfolio of SEO blogs that have been worked on. If a blog creation service has a portfolio, then this proves that at least the services that he opened have been tested.

By looking at the portfolio will also secure us from the frills “create a fast blog” and so on, sometimes such ads make prospective buyers trapped, when in fact making a blog also takes time, so it must be realistic, especially if orders are being a lot.

So the most rational is to contact the service provider for the blog, then ask if he has a portfolio of blogs that have been done, if he answers it, then you just look at his work, whether it is in accordance with the described or not.

In addition to having a portfolio, service managers are more afdhol if they have a blog that SEO and dominate some keywords on page 1, this will be very convincing.

To know if the blog manager is SEO or not, then it can be by doing a test, typing keywords that are approximately related to the blog, if page 1, then it can be said that the blog pemilk is experienced enough and does not ngibul of course.

Besides the blog is SEO and okay. The manager of the blog creation service should have an article that is page 1. If there can be many articles that are page 1, this is better and better.

Second, entrust your blog creation to the service of creating a blog with excellent service, maybe you ask “why should be primed?”, there are many answers, which is clear, first, the service provider is very appreciative and cares about its customers.

Second, excellent service shows that the service is serious with the service he opened.

Third, excellent service will make it easier for you later when making an order or ordering a blog, because that way you will get guidance from start to finish.

And so on.

Maybe then you also ask “Then what belongs to the category of prime licensing?”

Those that fall into the category of excellent service, among others, if you send a message either via Facebook chat or email, the message is always replied to.

Then reply to the message according to what you ask when you want to order a blog, or the response you expect.

Because there is a blog creation service that answers the question of prospective customers is just origin, does not correspond to the question asked, or even does not answer the question. If you come across something like this, you should not trust your blog creation with him, a better way of service.

Service or communication either via chat or email is not always about the answer to the question you are asking, but sometimes it also contains elements that can understand and know what kind of blog you want to order.

Third, a trusted Blog creation service will never hang the order, when he will tell the schedule when the blog creation project, and the estimated date of completion of the blog. Details are informed of the time to you, from the day, date and year, complete anyway.

So there is certainty when the blog is finished, there is a timeline of the project, so you can maneuver and estimate when the blog is finished.

Next, the fourth. A good blog creation service will provide a guarantee blog that he made, if there is something appropriate tech, you can ask him to be repaired, as a form of Warranty.

Fifth, choose a serious blog maker with the services he opens, the seriousness can be seen by how much blog content he manages to discuss about blogging, then also how much content about blogging his page one.

If he is serious enough, indicated by the amount of content and the number of keywords that page 1 on Google about blogging, then the services for blogging like this fall into good criteria and worth considering as a place to create your blog later.

Sixth, a good blog making service provides after-sales service, as well as buying a car or motorcycle. When buying a new car, there will definitely be after-sales service, such as changing spare parts, and so on related to the car.

Usually the service is given free for certain things, some are 3 years, some are 5 years, depending on the brand.

Similarly, with blog creation services, good services will always provide services like this, certainly with different levels, such as asking for keywords and light connotations around the blog ordered, will certainly be served, as long as the blog has not received significant modifications.

When buying a product, choose the product that is best and profitable, profitable but not good for what? Well, if that’s good and profitable, that’s just amazing!

Therefore the seventh, choose a blog creation service that gives bonuses, bonuses can be anything, for example article bonuses or discount coupon bonuses. Profitable for sure, buy a blog can be a good one, still plus more bonuses.

Well that was 7 tips on choosing a profitable blog making suit and certainly also bona fide.

Maybe you then also ask, “why are testimonials not included?”, the answer is because, testimonials can be manipulated by providers, but not all blog creation services like that yes, rest assured, that not too much is like that

It’s just that, it must be selective when looking at testimonials from a pelapak.

Well that’s a variety of tips and ways not to be fooled when using a blog creation service, if you have a different opinion, or other interesting responses, do not hesitate, please leave a comment, thus the article about the tutorial choose the services of this blog maker, hopefully useful. Greetings success, and see you in my other writing. [*]