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OnlyTheBestChoice.com is Only The Best News Picks Latest And Updated – alternative, independent and up-to-date online news media.

The information published in OnlyTheBestChoice.com online media is mostly quoted from national media as well as other local and independent media.

Information contained in online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com can be facts and opinions / journal columns.

The information contained in the online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com seeks to prioritize content that is critical and balanced to events in the country.

Content contained in online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com can be a comparison and balancer of mainstream media information.

Online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com build About International, National, Economics Sports Health Celebrities, Lifestyle, Cooking Recipes, Tourism, Housing, Culinary, Business, Automotive, Technology and political awareness, fight for law enforcement, socioeconomic justice, national independence and the integrity of state life.

Online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com uphold the values of bhinneka-an and critical of behavior that undermines the values of bhinneka-an.

Online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com provide clarification /error to information that was later found to be invalid /hoax /fake news.

Online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com have the right to edit / delete the published writing in accordance with the development of facts and data of the latest information.

Related parties who ask for clarification / error can send an email to the onlythebestchoicec@gmail.com

Online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com display ads on web pages as income management (administration, server, IT) and contributors for web sustainability.

Any news that is published in the online media OnlyTheBestChoice.com that quotes is always attached the name of the news source page at the end of the article with the acronym of the source media name inside parentheses.

By accessing OnlyTheBestChoice.com, you understand and agree that:

  1. The data and information provided on the OnlyTheBestChoice.com for informational purposes only and are not expected for stock trading and/or other transaction purposes. While every effort has been made to display data and information as accurately as possible,
  2. OnlyTheBestChoice is not responsible for any errors and delays in updating data and or information.
  3. Any advertising agreements and transactions in v are by mutual agreement between advertisers and OnlyTheBestChoice.