Chinese Research Ship Nyelusup in Sunda Strait, Locked on TNI Detection Radar

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Chinese Research Ship Nyelusup in Sunda Strait, Locked on TNI Detection Radar
Chinese Research Ship Nyelusup in Sunda Strait, Locked on TNI Detection Radar

OnlyTheBestChoice – Indonesia’s territorial waters are completely under the test of the security system.

After the smuggling of Chinese research vessels last January and had a moment of excitement, recently there was a Chinese ship that had crossed the waters of the Sunda Strait and locked the radar of the TNI.

In January, a Chinese vessel was detected in Indonesian waters.

The ship shut down their GPS system, as reported by Bakamla.

Bakamla spokesman Colonel Wisnu Pramandita, said authorities suspected the ship was carrying out illegal activities in the Sunda Strait after its automatic identification system (AIS) was shut down three times.

The ship was named Xiang Yang Hong 03, and exited Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone on January 13, 2021.

Now, reported on April 15, 2021, there is one Chinese ship detected in the Sunda Strait.

It was the research vessel Da Yang Hao.

The ship was detected by navy radar passing through sunda strait on April 2, 2021 at around 11:23 am.

During the crossing, all activities of this ship are closely monitored.

Then the day after on April 3, 2021 a satellite tracking ship/Yuanwang-6 missile passed through the Sunda Strait.

The TNI confirmed the ship was detected by radar at 7:25 p.m.

The ship’s activity can still be clearly known through the radar of Fleet Command (Koarmada) I.

reported by, the Da Yang Hao ship is one of China’s flagship research vessels.

The specifications of this ship include the general survey ship group with a weight of 4656 tons, a length of 98.5 meters.

The ship was made by CSSC Guangzhou shipbuilding company Huangpu Shipbuilding.

The ship is owned by the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources.

The ship docked in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province.

This ship has long functioned as a survey ship of various marine resources and conducts multidisciplinary research in deep-water seas.

Da Yang Hao’s ship is considered a floating laboratory.

The ship has more than 50 survey and observation equipment and a 400-square-meter laboratory used to study underwater geology, underwater ecology and atmosphere.

In December 2019, his first trip to the Atlantic resulted in a seismological study of the seabed blanket.

Ships can also work in frozen waters in the Arctic and Antarctica.

The ship is a bit of a Chinese ship that has a vertical propeller blade, which is quieter and can maneuver more than a regular propeller, and can study in the sea up to 4 meters deep.

Indonesia is not the only country plagued by chinese ships.

Quoted from Antara, the Philippines filed a new diplomatic protest to China last Wednesday.

This comes after China was accused of illegal fishing and amassing more than 240 vessels in Philippine territorial waters.

Two protests have been lodged, days after Manila summoned Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian to urge the withdrawal of Chinese ships on Whitsun Reef.

The Philippines last month described the presence of more than 200 vessels believed to be manned by militias inside the exclusive economic zone of 322 kilometers as having been “swarmed and threatened.”

The U.S., Japan and other countries voiced concerns about China’s intentions.

That prompted a rebuke from Beijing. (red/*)