Easy Tricks to Become a Rich Man A Lot of Money and Halal

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Easy Tricks to Become a Rich Man A Lot of Money and Halal
Easy Tricks to Become a Rich Man A Lot of Money and Halal

OnlyTheBestChoice – How do I become rich? Money isn’t everything. But almost anything can be easy thanks to money. That’s why the question of how to get rich is often expressed.

The problem is, so rich it doesn’t just count the numbers of treasures collected. It takes hard work and sacrifice to succeed.

Of course we are not talking about those who are rich from birth or noble descendants whose wealth is not consumed by 7,777 derivatives. Instead, what we’re discussing is the billionaires who started it all from scratch.

Here are eight ways to become a rich person that is easy to do and guaranteed safe and halal.

  1. The way to be rich is to focus on the big things

That’s right, saving from a small daily withdrawal is good. For example from the habit of buying fried food Rp 10,000 or coffee in the café Rp 30 thousand. But how long do you want to get rich from such a small spend?

Learn from Warren Buffet, focus on the big things from an early age. One big thing determining prosperity is home. So, when there are funds and opportunities, immediately allocate expenses to buy a house even if you have to go through credit. No need to wait for DP 0 percent. Ntar hunt eid horses!

  1. Tube first, shop then

Warren Buffet has a pearly word: “Don’t save the rest of the money, but spend with the rest of the money you’ve saved.”

Patok used to be what percentage of savings from income a month, for example 30 percent. If the salary of Rp 10 million, for example, means directly padlock Rp 3 million in the savings account, then the rest is used for other purposes. This is how the discipline of saving and at the same time the most effective way.

  1. Double Earnings

Do billionaires have only one source of income? Impossible. There must be money taps open everywhere. That’s what passive income is all about. For example, have a store that has grown, then build a boarding house for rent.

Stores are the main source of income, while boarding houses are multipliers. In essence, passive income must be obtained from activities that do not clash with the main income and do not need to be pocketed all the time.

  1. Focus on the most important assets

Your efforts and hard work won’t be useful if you can’t focus on the most important asset: yourself. Mark Cuban, an American businessman and philanthropist, proves himself this way.

One must continue to learn and hone oneself as an asset to become rich. Without it, people would be stuck in cheese and hard to get ahead.

  1. Don’t half-and-half

You need to know your potential, and maximize it to achieve peak success. It’s not easy to feel satisfied or even inferior.

Grant Cardone, who is a businessman, author and self-potential training expert, said people who want to succeed must be the greatest in the field they are involved in. Therefore, spill sweat sweat to blood so as not to be a mediocre person.

  1. Planting money

This is the easiest way to do it. Most billionaires are entrepreneurs as well as investors.

Because they are aware of the importance of growing money. The earlier it is done, the greater the chance of obtaining something from that investment. In fact, if you can start when you’re a student.

Find out what kind of investment you think is suitable, then get serious there. It is better to spread the seeds of money in one-two types of investment first, then expand the land so that the crop is more abundant. The allocation of 15 percent of the income is enough to start this step.

  1. Wise when “nemu duit”

Nemu money? Must be happy not to be head-to-head. But, instead of directly spending it because it does not fit into the financial plan, it should be set aside for fattening savings.

Nemu money here does not mean dapet money fell on the road yes. The meaning is unexpected incoming funds, such as bonuses from the office, business profits that exceed expectations, or even lottery and inheritance prizes.

  1. Sage owes

There’s nothing wrong with debt. The wrong thing is to owe without a mature plan and for the sake of things that really don’t matter.

Sometimes there is a temptation to be in debt when the goods to be purchased are not necessities. For example the latest iPhone credits when the old phone is still okay to have. If from a young age already a lot of consumptive debt, how can the old rich?

  1. Not only have BPJS, also take advantage of insurance products

BPJS is indeed a solution to protect finances from risks that can happen to anyone, and at any time. Such unexpected risks do not infrequently make finances so high that someone falls into debt.

Well, being a participant of BPJS alone is not enough lho. The average rich person protects their hard-earned wealth or assets by becoming insurance customers, both health insurance and life insurance.

One of the insurance products is from Bank BRI. As a financial institution that excels in banking services, Bank BRI also offers financial protection products through insurance as part of the government’s public service program.

BRI insurance is divided into three types of protection products, namely:

  • BRI Life soul that provides cash compensation benefits for the customer’s family.
  • BRI Life health that provides medical cost coverage in hospitals or clinics.
  • BRINS that provides compensation protection for the company’s assets and other needs.

If what you are looking for is a protection product that prioritizes sharia, you can take advantage of sharia insurance protection. Sharia insurance in Indonesia is supervised by the Sharia Supervisory Board of MUI so that it is guaranteed halal. [red/*]