Find The Latest Best Car Insurance Here!

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Find The Latest Best Car Insurance Here!
Find The Latest Best Car Insurance Here!

Experience Find The Best Car Insurance (Premium, Coverage and Workshop)

OnlyTheBestChoice – Car insurance is an insurance that provides the benefits of motor vehicle protection for the comfort of driving. Nowadays, especially in big cities, car insurance has become a basic necessity that is difficult not to meet. The question is, how to choose the best car insurance, which is cheap premiums, affordable car insurance costs, extensive protection and a good network of repair shops. I did a review and comparison of AXA, Allianz and MNC car insurance, to find the best car insurance in Indonesia 2019.

I live in a big city in Indonesia and almost 80% of mobility is done by car or motor vehicle. The risk associated with driving is quite high.

We’ve all had a hard time in the event of a car crash or worse. It must be a great fight, making blood rise, not to mention spending funds for repair costs that are often difficult to guess.

Therefore, having car insurance is important for many people. Not only when you have a new car, but when you buy a used car.

Car insurance provides replacement protection in case of risk of accident or loss of motor vehicles that provide comfort for users.

Peace of mind!

But, choosing the best car insurance, is not easy because customers like to buy a ‘cat in a sack’. Buy first, pay insurance premiums first, exit the cost of car insurance first, then know how to experience in making a claim.

Not to mention, premiums rise every year, which sometimes soars beyond common sense. Which makes me, not infrequently, go up in blood seeing the high increase in car insurance premiums.

Therefore, it always comes to my mind, when the period of car insurance will run out, the question, “what is the best car insurance?”

Good luck, in recent years, I have an independent insurance agency that helps provide premium comparisons and comparisons of the benefits of some car insurance.

As a result, I am not fixated on one car insurance company but with the help of this insurance agent, I can compare several offers and choose the best car insurance.

This agent has a long experience in the insurance world and he is constantly updated about the latest claims of customers who are rejected by car insurance, whose info he collects from clients.

From him, I learned a lot about car insurance, which is important among them are:

First, do not focus only on premiums, not only to the price of car insurance, but the comparison of premiums with the benefits of car insurance.

Focusing only on cheap car insurance prices isn’t always right.

At first I only choose the cheap car insurance premiums, which turns out when claiming, the difficulty of asking for forgiveness. Not to mention, because car insurance premiums are cheap, many vehicle risks are not covered.

Second, pay attention to the cost yourself that you have to pay when claiming car insurance. I am often unaware of these costs and the origin of the claim, so when making a claim, the cost I have to pay myself is quite large.

Third, when registering insurance, the condition of the car must be considered properly because the condition is used as the basis for the car insurance company when receiving a claim. Pre-existing damage conditions will not be claimed to car insurance.

Fourth, the period of car insurance companies jor-joran provide promos is over, now the company is more careful and not a premium price war. Therefore, as the owner of the vehicle, I have to be careful in using the vehicle because if it often claims then next year premiums will definitely go up due to high risk claims.

Fifth, the premium is determined by a percentage of the price of the car, therefore make sure that the price of the car used is reasonable. Check the market price for the year, and the same type of vehicle.

Car Insurance Features

When taking out car insurance, I was faced with many features. In the past, I took all the features offered, thinking everything was important, as a result the premium price became high.

Insurers will tend to encourage you to take out all the features of car insurance. Because premiums get bigger and it’s more profitable.

Since then, I’ve learned well – both the features offered and choose which features I want to take. So, not all the features I take. I can save on car insurance premiums.

Here are the features that you need to pay attention to in a car insurance policy, when choosing car insurance:

Total Loss Only (TLO)

Total Loss Only (TLO) is a type of car insurance that provides car insurance coverage with compensation if the vehicle suffers more than 75 percent damage.

The value of the damage indicates that the condition of the vehicle is completely unusable. Ringsek!

The insurance will reimburse the entire cost of repairing the vehicle until it returns to its original state. In addition to covering the cost of damage compensation, TLO car insurance also covers vehicle losses due to theft.

But, this is what needs to be understood, if the damage rate is below 75 percent, the insurance claim is definitely rejected. For example, you can’t claim for a beret, or any other damage to which the condition of the car can still be used.

The good news is, TLO insurance premiums are the cheapest car. The premium value is 1 percent of the price of the vehicle.

All Risk Car Insurance

All risk car insurance is an insurance that covers compensation / repair costs if the vehicle suffers loss / partial or total damage due to the risks guaranteed in the policy.

From the name, all car risk insurance, then the risk of collision, scratch, impact, overturned, slipped, mired, traffic accident, evil deeds, theft, deprivation, or fire, all covered by this type of car insurance.

Generally, all risk insurance is chosen by many people because of the widest coverage. Suitable for those of you with high mobility, for example in a big city.

However, all risk car insurance premiums are more expensive than TLO. The cost of all-risk car insurance is higher. Because this type of insurance protects more risk than TLO.

The important thing to note is the way car insurance claims are all risk. How aspects covered in all risk car insurance can be claimed in the event of an accident.

Personal Accident

Personal accident is an additional insurance, or extension, of car insurance, that protects the rider when the vehicle has an accident. When a rider has an accident while driving, not only the car is covered by the insurance, but also the fate of the rider.

What if the policyholder has life and accident insurance?

That’s right, you could already have accident insurance as part of life insurance. However, your driver who was driving at the time of the accident may not have accident insurance. Because personal accident protection is provided by insurance to the party carrying the car.


The standard car insurance policy does not protect the risk of flooding. Insurance companies offer coverage for flood risk as additional insurance in car insurance policies.

However, a number of things to note when your car is facing flooding, even if you already have flooded car insurance, namely:

First, try not to force the car to crash into floodwaters or pass through deep puddles intentionally. If done intentionally and the vehicle becomes damaged, the insurance company will not provide compensation for damage caused by flooding.

Second, if the car is submerged in water, do not start the engine (starter), because it can cause short circuits in the car that are fatal. When submerged, immediately turn off the car engine and unplug the battery (battery) so that the damage to the car engine is not severe. Wait until the water recedes and call the insurance or crane to transport the car for repairs.

Third, do not turn on the engine ( starter) vehicle after flooding even though the water is dry.

Fourth, report to the insurer within a period of no later than five days after the incident.

Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions

In the country in the ring of fire, Indonesia faces a high risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Additional clauses in the car insurance policy provide protection against the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The earthquake clause in the car insurance policy protects the car from the risk of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, hail, floods, puddles, landslides or other geological or meteorological symptoms. Take for example, tsunami risk that occurs in some areas, this clause protects losses on vehicles.

The expansion of earthquake risk is a guarantee beyond the policy standard. So things that were not previously guaranteed standard policy, can be guaranteed according to the type and terms of the extension of this guarantee.

Riots and Riots

Car damage due to riots and riots can be covered by insurance with customers expanding the guarantee. Car owners can purchase additional protection against the risk of riots, strikes, and riots (SRCC – Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion).

Any damage caused to the car due to riots, strikes, and riots will be covered by the insurance.
Terrorism and Sabotage

Additional insurance clauses related to terrorism and sabotage provide coverage for two main things, namely

(1) car damage caused by Terrorism, Sabotage, Makar and Prevention in connection with the risks of Terrorism, Sabotage, Makar;

(2) Loss and or damage to property and/or insured interests directly caused by Looting occurring during the course of Terrorism and or Sabotage.

Third Party Legal Liability

Third Party Legal Liability (TJH III) is an additional car insurance (not required to be taken) that covers the risk of loss or damage to motor vehicles directly caused by collisions, collisions, overturns, slips, or mired, as well as fires caused by other vehicles nearby. Not only physical loss of vehicles, TJH III also covers the cost of treatment, bodily injury, or death caused by the insured.

In short, if an accident hits a person’s vehicle, the losses suffered by the vehicle being hit and the person in the vehicle will be covered by car insurance if it has a CLAUSE TJH III.

The value or amount of physical liability of the vehicle and its medical expenses amount to the price of coverage for the Guarantee of Legal Liability to Third Parties listed in the Policy.

However, keep in mind a number of exceptions apply, conditions where insurance will not compensate third parties, namely:

Vehicles are used to pull or drive other vehicles or vehicles used for driving exercises
Vehicles used for speed fights, carnivals, campaigns, rallies
Vehicles used for crimes
The vehicle suffers losses due to the intentionality of the insured or others related to the insured
The vehicle at the time of the accident was driven by someone who did not have a driver’s license
The vehicle at the time of the accident was driven by someone under the influence of alcohol
Vehicles suffer losses due to natural disasters, riots, or nuclear reactions.

Own Risk & Workshop

There are two important things about car insurance, namely the amount of risk itself and the existence of a workshop.
Own Risk (Cost of Car Insurance Claim)

One thing to keep in mind is that in car insurance there is a risk of own or Deductible. Deductible is a number of car insurance claim costs that the owner of the insurance policy must pay if making a claim.

The terms of the cost of car insurance claims are as follows.

Every time a claim is made, the insurance customer is required to pay a certain amount of deductible fee.
The type of claim that will be charged the deductible fee is only an insurance claim that occurs due to physical damage, and does not apply to non-physical losses, for example as a result of a lawsuit

The risk itself must be paid by the car insurance policyholder. For example, the risk for damage repair is Rp 400,000 then the policyholder must pay Rp 400,000 for each damage claim.

The amount of the cost itself varies by insurance company and depends on the type of claim. Insurers have their own list of costs based on the type of claim.


Workshop is a thing to note because if there is damage and need repair of the car then the choice of workshop becomes important. The quality of the workshop determines the quality of the car repair work.

Therefore, the list of workshops provided by car insurance becomes an important point to see and evaluate. Check if the workshop provided by the insurance company is a trustworthy workshop and have good quality.

One of them, the type of workshop that is often considered is the official workshop. An official workshop is a workshop managed by an authorized car dealer, which is trusted.

If you live in an area, make sure there is a workshop at your location. [*]

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