How to Buy Shares Overseas Now No Longer Complicated

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How to Buy Shares Overseas Now No Longer Complicated
How to Buy Shares Overseas Now No Longer Complicated. [photo/ilustrasi]

OnlyTheBestChoice – Perhaps some of you are now looking for information or information, how to buy shares abroad? Yes, perhaps the prospect of a return on shares of giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and the like is what interests you.

Previously, buying shares abroad was a very complicated thing. Why? Because the Indonesia Stock Exchange does not have a network of exchanges abroad, so the giant shares are not in the official listing of IDX. As a result, we must also try to access foreign stock exchanges ourselves if we want to participate in stock investments abroad.

But in this day and age—when technology has made things easier—buying stocks overseas is not complicated anymore, it’s even easier, as easy as buying shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

How? Take a look at the following steps.

How to Buy Shares Abroad Without Hassle:

Find an international stock broker.

Currently, there are at least 4 international stock brokers that are quite popular and widely used by Indonesian stock investors who want to go-international. Do not be surprised if you see the website of this international stock broker blocked by Kominfo, because this has to do with Bappebti policy that questions forex transactions and futures products in Indonesia.

However, you don’t have to worry. What you do is not illegal if you buy shares through an international broker, because you conduct stock transactions on foreign exchanges, not on Indonesian exchanges.

So it’s safe? Safe. All you have to do is access the website with a VPN, or just install the app on your smartphone.

Open an account and complete your data

Just like creating an account at an Indonesian securities company, you are required to have an account first in this international brokerage account. And, as with most procedures, you will have to fill in various records and then go through the verification process.

Deposit funds and buy shares

Furthermore, if your account already exists and can be operated, you can directly buy the shares you want by depositing funds first.

Unlike most people’s assumptions, buying shares overseas doesn’t require too much capital. There are brokers who ask for only USD200 as an initial deposit, and you can buy shares fractionally, not necessarily 1 share let alone 1 lot of shares as if buying shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Well, that’s how to buy foreign stocks that turned out not to be complicated.
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