How to Easily Service Your Own Injection Motor, ‘ Save Money

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How to Easily Service Your Own Injection Motor, ' Save Money
How to Easily Service Your Own Injection Motor, ' Save Money

OnlyTheBestChoice – In today’s era of injection motors, service problems should be more practical and fast. Motors with injection technology are designed more easily in terms of maintenance.

Calm down man, if you understand and doyan tinker with the motor, it’s easy to service the injection motor itself.

Including when you have to clean the injector when it is too dirty.

Oh yes, the characteristics when the fuel haze spraying part to the combustion chamber is getting dirty, usually the pull of the motor feels like powerless.

“It is possible that the spray holes in the injectors begin to be stacked with deposits or crusts. So the discharge of gasoline spray becomes less than the maximum because it is stuck. Therefore, the pull of the motor so lemes, even the engine is also easy to tickle and waste fuel,” said Syamsudin, from the Autofit outlet on Panorama Recidence Jl. Raya Munjul Blok B1 Cipayung, East Jakarta.

Crust or dirt can come from poor fuel quality.

Get rid of crusts or dirt in injectors, generally in official workshops using special tools.

But, buddy don’t rush to shrink first because you don’t have the tool.

Because you can also have a matching tool that is now on general sale in the market. His name is SR15 FIC (Fuel Injection Cleaner).

The way to use it is also easy, because this product uses an infusion system from the built-in gasoline slang.

“Use a tool that costs only Rp 1 million, guaranteed bikers can service their own motorcycles at home. The following package can be 24 bottles of injector cleaner loh,” said Syamsudin who happened to sell the tool.

“Just open the fuel pump socket and slang gasoline in the tank, then plug into this tool,” explained Syamsudin who is familiarly called Pak Syam.

But the first step, buddy had to assemble the SR15 FIC kit into a tube containing cleaner fluid.

This cleaning fluid is already following additif and 150 ml of octane fuel, which is available in the package.

“In the can, make sure the top and bottom taps are closed. Next, insert the end of the connector available in the kit, into the gasoline slang that was removed from the tank. Then turn the regulator tap to the right until the manometer needle moves, the pressure mark is out. Continue to open the tap control valve to drain the liquid, then turn on the motor engine for 10 minutes in an idle state (langsam), until the LIQUID SR15 FIC runs out completely,” led Pak Syam.

When it runs out, reduce the pressure to zero and wait for the machine to turn itself off.

To make sure the liquid is up or not, buddy can try the motor stater several times.

If you’re sure you’re out, turn off the motor contact, then remove the gasoline slang from the cleaner tube.

Just plug it again deh slang gasoline and fuel pump socket as before to the tank.

“Ideally the injector is cleaned every 4,000 km or 2 engine oil changes,” he concluded. [red*]