Sharing The Experience of European and American MSMEs

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Sharing The Experience of European and American MSMEs
Lia Yuldinawati

BANDUNG-JAWA BARAT-INDONESIA, OnlyTheBestChoice – Muslim clothing reseller who successfully continued his S3 education in the Netherlands Lia Yuldinawati wants to share experiences about micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) run in the United States and Europe.

Based on the results of his travels while in New York, United States, in December 2016 it turned out that MSMEs in the city are generally done by immigrants, while the United States itself is more professional as workers. These immigrants usually sell Turkish food at several spots on New York and Manhattan streets. Usually, they run these MSME activities with a franchise system.

Although generally working as workers, but socialpreneur?they have gone well. Besides working, they have a side business.

“The good thing is, on the edge of Manhattan and New York Streets, many are selling Turkish specialties but consumers are in line and it happens in every corner of the city in America,” he said while talking to Warta Ekonomi in Bandung, Sunday (26/3/2017).

Regulation in making business in uncle Sam’s country is fairly easy. According to him, before opening a business the MSME actors there must have certification from the local government. In addition, the government there limits the time to sell. Then MSME actors can sell elsewhere with permission in the location of a new place to sell.

“That’s why there it becomes clean, the place to sell is good because the rules run,” he said.

Another case with MSMEs in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Italy. They prefer technology-based businesses such as the production of heavy equipment devices. But, what distinguishes Europe from other countries is that each campus has its own business incubator including

“So, as the business progresses, the company remains in the campus environment,” he said.

In the United States and Europe itself has sprung entrepreneurs from Indonesia who are generally engaged in online business. So, back again to an online-based startup company for example there are selling books online, book buyers just download the book directly digitally.

Uniquely, many Americans and Europeans also sell Indonesian products with a scale of MSMEs. Indonesians themselves are only limited to workers in the company.

“MSMEs from Indonesia are also there, they do individually for example online books, wood businesses, clothing. There is also an Indonesian food business but one that has Americans,” he explained.

This woman born in 1975 assessed the difficulties faced by MSMEs in the U.S. and Europe almost the same as in Indonesia as the question?funding, government policy, but they have a cultural advantage, namely the character of an orderly society.

“For example, every individual already has insurance and the opportunity to work, the difference is the starting point only if in us,” he explained.

Basically both in the United States and Europe the scale of the business with MSMEs only they have integrated means it is based on regions such as asia, Europe, middle east, and others. He said that the point is that everything depends on the readiness of msmes themselves.

So, what can be implemented for MSMEs in Indonesia? In fact, the business of European and Indonesian MSMEs is very different but Indonesia has advantages with the uniqueness of culture so that it can rely on creative industries.

He said that what is applied by MSMEs in the U.S. and Europe should also be implemented in?Indonesia. For example, MSMEs in Europe already have sufficient knowledge and understanding of business activities to be pioneered. That is, since the beginning they have equipped themselves with a variety of preparations such as?certification, taking skills courses, himhha insuring themselves and businesses.

“If in Indonesia itself the planning of the city itself is no longer running, the element of human resources is also not ready. For example, it will start a business only Indonesians are not ready personally such as do not have the knowledge to start,” he explained.

Lia said government programs such as New Entrepreneurs (WUB) are good, but have weaknesses because they are limited to gathering people. He asserted that there should be a selection process for participants who will register and then be given training on business designed for MSMEs.

Lia said that the easiest thing to implement by MSMEs in Indonesia is certification. So, every MSME actor in Indonesia should want to learn more and have certification so as to host in their own country.

“The existence of cooperatives aims to make it easier to get certified. That’s why the ins and outs of building a business we have to find a business that has been certified is what business. Do we have competence in that field? If you do not have kang, now can nawarin to the certification body that we have a business in what field, before doing business must also be changed mindset first,” he said.

He stressed that the government should also provide a view of businesses that are abroad that will invade Indonesia through the ASEAN Economic Community? (MEA) so they know how difficult it is to do business in the future.

“The solution is given certification that can enrich first so that they are not eliminated,” he said.

In addition, with the largest digital media user capital in the world, Indonesia should be a producer but because it does not increase knowledge in using digital media is finally only limited to consumers only.

Then the other capital, continued Lia, the productive age in Indonesia is the most number of more than 60 percent. So if you want, the soul of this enterpreuneur must be instilled early in the young generation starting from the high school level, it will be more optimal if more young people enter vocational school but they are prepared in accordance with the superiority of their respective regions.

“Example do not establish agricultural vocational schools in Bandung, because it is not in accordance with the potential of the region,” he said.

In addition, must know the weaknesses of yourself, by deepening the knowledge of the business will be certified when it is certified can ask the government for help to be met with prospective buyers of our products.

“I think, the government will easily bring manufacturers together with consumers after we have certification,” he concluded. [red/*]

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