‘The Democratic Party Enters the Top 3 go Election 2024’, What Does BMI Sumsel Say?

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'The Democratic Party Enters the Top 3 go Election 2024', What Does BMI Sumsel Say?

PKB-ARSC Survey, Democratic Party Enters Top 3 Shifting Golkar Party etc.

PALEMBANG-SUMSEL, OnlyTheBestChoice – The grand event of democracy, the Election will be held in 2024. But all political parties (Parpol) must have been planning to increase their electability. The survey agencies have also released their work.

One of them is the Association of National Cadres in collaboration with Grassroots Strategic Consulting (ARSC) released a national survey conducted in late April- early May 2021 (5/22/2021). In this survey, the Democratic Party was included in the top three political parties with the highest electability with a projected electability of 14.8%. The electability of the diamond triangle party is slightly below, Gerindra Party (15.03%) and PDI-P (19.6%). This PD achievement shifted established parties such as Golkar for example which gained 10.40%.

The institute also released the electability of the Chairman (Ketum) of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) entered in the top six figures of presidential candidates (Capres) of public choice. However, when compared to other political parties, AHY came in third with 8.89% electability.

The survey was conducted on 1,200 respondents in 34 provinces using stratified random sampling method, using telephone interview techniques. Respondents were in the age range of 21-30 years as much as 54.8%. Based on their social status or occupation most students (33%), private employees (28%) entrepreneurs (17%).

“The rise of the Democratic Party in the survey can not be separated from the many news related to the internal dynamics of the Democratic Party, especially the issue of extraordinary Congress that enlivens the discussion in public,” said ARSC researcher Bagus Balghi, in an online expose as quoted based on the release of the Democratic Party, Saturday night (5/22/2021).

“These results are consistent with three previous surveys by Political Indicators, Balitbang Kompas and LP3ES,” said Tomi Satryatomo, Kabalitbang DPP of the Democratic Party, “Objectively this shows the PD under the leadership of ketum AHY which has only been a year, successfully consolidated internally while starting to take the hearts and minds of the public. Prahara pd leadership takeover movement (GPK-PD) conducted by KSP Moeldoko and his gang, successfully overcome with clear victory both politically and legally, while reaping electoral advantage.” Added Tomi

Meanwhile, Political observer from UNJ Ubedilah Badrun concluded the PKB-ARSC survey that the public expects the regeneration of political party leadership. “The increasing electability of AHY and PD can also be understood from this perspective.

Of the eight parties in Senayan, AHY is the youngest Ketum. The smooth succession in the 2020 PD Congress as well as the cohesiveness of Ketum and the PD’s management in overcoming the coup attempt by external parties, showed the regeneration of leadership went well in the Democratic Party. There is a kind of strong acceptance within the Democratic Party that AHY is an unavoidable hope and destiny to be the most important part in the history of the Democratic Party” said Ubedilah, who was also one of the leaders of the student movement in the 1998 reforms.

The release of this survey was attended among others by the Chairman of the National Cadres Association Dimas Oky Nugroho, Ph.D, Head of the Election Winning Board of DPP PD Andi Arief, Chairman of Bappilu Golkar Maman Abdurahman Party, Chairman of the DPP Nasdem Saan Mustopa Party and F-PDIP member of the House of Representatives Rieke Dyah Pitaloka.

'The Democratic Party Enters the Top 3 go Election 2024', What Does BMI Sumsel Say?
Sonedi Ariansyah, S.Sos.I,. SH

Meanwhile, responding to the survey results above, Chairman of Bintang Muda Indonesia (BMI) Sumsel, Sonedi Ariansyah, S.Sos.I,. SH said it sees the survey as more comprehensive because it contains broader questions such as military or civilian leaders, resistance to candidates and others.

“The point is that nationalist forces are still needed by the people and according to the survey the most expected opposition forces of the people are Democrats, we are realistic that is what is happening.” Sonedi told the Editor, Sunday (23/5/2021)

Sonedi continued, of course also sees the role of democratic cadres who are increasingly down accompanying the People. Investigate the people’s problems and fight for them.
“Of course, in addition to AHY figures are also the role of the wing of the party and the Chairman of the party in general.” Said Sonedi

Not only that, he added Sonedi, In South Sumatra for example, how the Chairman of DPD PD Sumsel, Isaac Mekki continues to provide assistance and assistance to communities in the countryside, especially the underprivileged.

“Through home surgery programs etc. in addition BMI also always responds to the problem of rakayat to fight.” Aren’t familiar greeting Sonedi Ariansyah, S.Sos.I,. Sh. [red]