The Determine of Cianjur Girl Sitting in a Bamboo Bale that Went Viral Seems Once more, Here is the Video

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The Figure of Cianjur Woman Sitting in a Bamboo Bale that Went Viral Suddenly Appears Again, Here's the Video
The Figure of Cianjur Woman Sitting in a Bamboo Bale that Went Viral Suddenly Appears Again, Here's the Video

CIANJUR-JABAR, OnlyTheBestChoice – Video of the sighting of a lady in Cianjur who is claimed to have died 7 days sitting in a bamboo bale went viral on social media.

Within the video, it’s recognized that cianjur girl is called Wiwik and nonetheless alive.

That is as within the discussion between the Cianjur girl and the 2 girls who recorded the video.

“Glance in every single place,” stated Cianjur girl named Wiwik.

“Oh, it is regarded as lifeless, Wiwik,” the recorder girl stated.

Within the quick video, Wiwik is noticed dressed in the very same veil and clothes within the video that went viral.

Specifically a grey veil and white garments patterned with small plants.

Wiwik was once additionally noticed sporting a dismal blue bag in addition to a plastic bag and inexperienced plastic cups.

Allegedly, the lady was once depressed for the reason that sentence she was once requested was once no longer attached.

“I am defamatory, so why get slightly bit punished,” he stated.

The girl additionally claimed she was once being watched via police by means of social media

“I used to be monitored via the police by means of Instagram, Fb, WA. Emang mom didn’t see at the telephone?” he stated in Sundanese.

Aceng’s Tale

After going viral, the illusion of a lady in Cianjur referred to as 7 days died sitting in a bamboo bale was once in any case published.

The girl grew to become out to be her husband’s new spouse. The girl was once allegedly depressed after her husband died.

The video recorder, Aceng Parid who was once contacted via PojokSatu.identification claimed to have concept the lady was once a ghost.

Aceng recounts, to start with he went on a pilgrimage to the tomb of one of the crucial figures in Cianjur.

He returned to his house on my own on Tuesday (6/4) morning round 02.00 WIB.

Aceng walks whilst unlocking his telephone.

“Within the tomb can’t open hp. Hp is grew to become off for concern of interfering. Once I pass house, I need to replace the standing whilst strolling,” stated Aceng, Thursday (8/4/2021).

When returning house, the citizens of Gentur Village, Jambudipa Village, Warungkondang District, Cianjur Regency have been all at once shocked via the illusion of a feminine determine sitting in a bamboo bale.

Whilst recording, a terrified Aceng straight away ran away whilst repeatedly studying the sentence of tawhid.

“I put on a gown, so it is laborious to run. That is why I fell,” he stated.

No Goal to Unfold Hoax Movies

Arriving house, Aceng cannot sleep and sends the video to his good friend.

Aceng’s good friend then uploaded the video on TikTok app and it unfold to Instagram and went viral.

“At house I will be able to’t sleep till first light. Stay considering,” stated Aceng.

The following day, Aceng unearths out concerning the feminine determine she recorded.

From the tips acquired via Aceng, the lady grew to become out to be the spouse who had simply left her husband.

“He is a neighbor of my village. She stated she was once depressed as a result of her husband died,” she stated.

Aceng stated that he additionally had no goal of spreading hoax movies in any respect.

“There is not any goal so (unfold hoax). I believed it was once a ghost, so I ran away and fell,” stated Aceng.

Video of Cianjur Girl Nonetheless Alive.


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