The Uniqueness of Cheng Ho Mosque with Chinese Nuance

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The Uniqueness of Cheng Ho Mosque with Chinese Nuance
The Uniqueness of Cheng Ho Mosque with Chinese Nuance

OnlyTheBestChoice – Cheng Ho Mosque is one of the historical mosques in palembang city, which is precisely located at 15 Ulu, Seberang Ulu I District, Palembang City, South Sumatra 30267.

This mosque is filled with shades of Chinese arisitektur because the architecture is applied to the nuances of the temple with pagoda-shaped pillars and the color is dominated by red, green and yellow. This mosque has a size of about 20×20 m and is built on land area of 4,990 m2. As summarized from various sources, the mosque located in Jakabaring has 2 floors and can accommodate about 600 worshippers. Cheng Ho Mosque features two towers with five floors. the number represents the number of 5 prayers that must be performed every day. The height of the tower of 17 meters also means a symbol so the number of rakaan prayers is mandatory. On the outside of the tower is covered with ornaments of goat horns that are characteristic of Palembang. It became a symbol of the closeness between Chinese culture and Palembang.

The mosque that was newly inaugurated in 2006 was named Masjid Al Islam Muhammad Cheng Ho or people call it the Cheng Ho Mosque. The placement of Cheng Ho’s name for the mosque built by the Chinese Indonesian Islamic Association (PITI) Palembang was not without reason. Because, the commander of the Chinese navy XV century had made an expedition to the Archipelago.

In its early existence, Cheng Ho Mosque Palembang was built with a background to maintain good relations between people of Chinese descent and the people in Palembang and also as a place to deepen the teachings of Islam.

In addition to being a place of worship, Cheng Ho Mosque has other facilities such as religious education places and rooms that can be used for social activities. [red]

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