This is the reason a number of scholars forbid boxing

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This is the reason a number of scholars forbid boxing
This is the reason a number of scholars forbid boxing. [foto/ilustrasi]

Onlythebestchoice – Boxing is one of the branches of physical sports that is quite hard. It is not uncommon to cause minor to serious injuries.

This is what makes some people punish the sport of boxing haram. Quoted from the book Harta Haram Muamalat Contemporary by Erwandi Tarmizi, this sport often results in blindness, malfunction of organs such as the brain, fractures and even death without any responsibility of opponents who hit. And the audience was ecstatic to watch the featured player hurt his opponent.

Citing the recommendations of the Islamic Fiqh Committee of the Islamic World League which convened in Makkah in 1987, after reviewing the research of specialist doctors and referencing the data, concluded that this similar act is forbidden and rejected Islamic law, based on the word of Allah Ta’ala, ولل ا تلقوا ب اليلديلكلم اللله الت هلكةة ل “And do not drop yourself into perdition” (QS Al Baqarah 195).

Then it is also mentioned, و영ل ا تَقْتُلُوْٓا ا영ن فلسلكمم ۗ الن الل هه كلان بلكلم رحليما “And do not kill yourself, verily Allah is Merciful to you.” (QS An Nisaa 29).

In addition, the prophet’s words صله الله عليه وسلم:
لا 영رر ولا ررار “It is not permissible to do anything that harms the people of Iain either beginning or requisites.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah).

Based on the evidence above the scholars stated that a person allows himself to be hurt while saying, “Kill me! It is not permissible for the person he commands to do so; And if he does so, he will be held accountable and entitled to be sanctioned.

Based on the above, the tribunal stipulates that the sport of boxing should not be done. And it should be eliminated from sports programs both local and international.

The assembly also urged that boxing be banned from being shown on television so as not to be watched by children and not to be imitated by them.

Free wrestling that allows each player to hurt and harm iawan rivals, according to the assembly, this sport is a similar game to the sport of boxing even though the shape is different. Because all things that are prohibited in the sport of boxing is also found in free wrestling. So the ruling is equally haraam. As for regular wrestling that players are prohibited from hurting opponents then the law is permissible. (see: Qararat wa Taushiyat Al Majma Al Fiqhy Al Islamy). [*]