Tips And How To Travel Cheaply in Indonesia, Check Here!

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Tips And How To Travel Cheaply in Indonesia, Check Here!
Tips And How To Travel Cheaply in Indonesia, Check Here!

OnlyTheBestChoice – Since starting this Site or Website approximately four years ago, a lot of questions have come to me, either by email or the comments field on the blog. As well as about taking care of visas, and tips on courtship in different countries, the next frequent question is about budgeting or funding issues. No, it’s not about how I make an income, it’s about “How the hell can I travel cheaply (especially in Indonesia)?”

Basically, there are so many ways you can answer that question. Suppose by circumventing transportation, consumption, to accommodation. However, if you are still curious how to apply it in the real world, here I share 8 ways to travel cheaply in Indonesia.

  1. Make a Road Trip with Friends

Road Trip here is defined as traveling between cities in Indonesia by using a car, either own car, loan car, rental car, as long as do not use a stolen car. In road trips, I used to use the principle of sharing, either sharing on a cost basis, or sharing on an assignment basis.

For the cost, what can be divided is the cost of fuel, parking, also the cost if you pass the toll road, which sometimes even more jammed than the usual lanes. As for assignments, I used to share the following roles:

  • Front Right: Driver
  • Front Left: Assistant Driver
  • Back Right: Consumption Section
  • Behind the Middle: Tut Wuri Handayani, who is in charge of providing moral support, as well as a prayer reader.
  • Back Left: The place is molor, according to the Sunnah of the Apostle.

One thing to note when traveling cheaply with a road trip is the issue of prudence on the road, do not drive when sleepy, and as much as possible the driver does not go to sleep when others also sleep. Or unpleasant things like the accident at The Edge of Tile will repeat itself.

  1. Nebeng or Free Ride

According to the Great Dictionary of Indonesian, Nebeng means: “participate (eat, ride, and so on) without having to pay.”. It’s good, isn’t it? Delicious, because it can squeak the cost of travel, and traveling becomes cheap.

However, can everyone nebeng? Yes, if you have acquaintances in an area, or registered in large-scale nebeng forums such as Nebengers that provide free transportation (or sometimes with the principle of sharing costs) and Couchsurfing that can provide free lodging around the world.

In my opinion, nebeng is perfectly legal, as long as it does not trouble the ditebengi party. Do not let it have been given a free lodging, still faded by asking to eat three times a day, plus once brunch, and once tea time in the afternoon. Remember, you’re a traveler, not Queen Elizabeth.

Based on my experience, I once nebeng transportation and consumption to Mas Wiwid, my childhood neighbor, when looking for a twin monument Sabang-Merauke in Merauke also nebeng borrow an office car belonging to Cicik Aini, a friend of my community, while traveling in Manado. But for lodging in Indonesia, I almost never nebeng, because I need a personal space, also privacy.

  1. Stay at the Homestay

Instead of nebeng, to outsmart the cost of lodging, I used to use homestays, which are (part of) people’s homes rented out to tourists to stay overnight. One of the advantages of homestays compared to hotels or inns, in addition to the cheap price, and can be a third of the price of the hotel, is the presence of local insights and hospitality that I often get from the owner of the homestay.

Already traveling so cheap, the owner of the homestay is good, then which favors do you deny?

Some examples of homestays that I have visited are homestays in Moyo Island when doing pre-wedding shoots, homestays in Jailolo when attending jailolo festival celebrations, as well as homestays in Dieng that at that time witnessed possessed travel companions.

  1. Try Local Cuisine

For consumption, rather than eating at fancy restaurants or dimly lit dangdut cafes, I used to look for local stalls or restaurants that sell traditional local food and mingle with the surrounding community. In addition to the unique and delicious food menu, one of the other advantages is the slanted price, which adjusts the local pockets, not the pockets of expat workers in Jakarta.

Some of the culinary that I have tasted (in order to travel cheap) and write on this blog are:

a. Culinary at Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta.
b. Culinary in Jailolo, North Maluku.
c. Culinary Pekanbaru, Riau, Sumatra.

  1. Join an Open Trip

If you want to travel, but papa is busy and mama arisan, and no friends accompany, you can also look for information about open trips that are now mushrooming in Indonesia. Open Trip is a trip that is done in a crowded to a certain destination, with the principle of sharing costs that will certainly make your traveling cheap and cost efficient, especially in transportation and lodging.

In Indonesia, especially in some areas where the infrastructure is not good enough, it will be more convenient to use a rental car than public transportation. However, a rental car will certainly feel expensive if rented by yourself, especially if coupled with voorijder such as RI-1. To overcome this, an open trip appears as the solution.

Examples of open trips I have participated in include a trip to Krakatau where I found new friends, Dieng where I lost my lover and found gebetan, to Flores where I found a charming Indonesia.

Some of the open trip service providers that I have participated in are Ibu Penyu, Tukang Jalan, and Kapan Libur.

Open Trip, can turn stranger, into new friend, or even lover (and also enemy after break up).

  1. Using Public Transportation

Although not all of them are comfortable, public transportation (especially economy class) in Indonesia is very cheap. I still remember when I was studying in Jakarta, I used to go home to Semarang by using an economy class train, it costs only Rp30,000,-, or the price of a KFC combo.

Then, I also traveled cheaply using DAMRI bus from Jakarta to Lampung, with quite comfortable facilities, I paid Rp160.000,- including the cost of ferry from Merak to Bakauheni. If on the ferry want to upgrade to a more comfortable space, most just add ceban!

  1. Finding Flight Tickets In Advance

For airline tickets, one of the tricks of traveling cheap old but good to overcome expensive prices is to book tickets in advance. One of my records is getting a flight ticket from Jakarta – Semarang using Air Asia, for Rp15.000,- one way!

Unfortunately, shortly after, the AirAsia Jakarta – Semarang flight route was closed. I’m sad.

  1. Buy Holiday Packages via AirAsiaGo

For the uninitiated, in addition to the official website of airlines that often offer cheap tickets, there is also a, which provides a guaranteed “Lowest Domestic AirAsia Ticket Price” where the ticket price includes 15 Kilograms of baggage.

Currently, until 18 September 2016, AirAsiaGo offers the lowest prices for domestic flights with a 5% discount on flights from 1 October 2016 – 4 January 2017, and a 10% discount on flights from 5 January – 28 October 2017!

Yes, you did not misread, flight tickets for next year can be purchased now, at a very cheap price as well.

Still not cheap? Check out the flight and lodging packages offered by, which will surprise you even more with the prices and discounts offered there. For example, I would like to find a ticket to celebrate Neng’s birthday in Bali, in February next year.

I just enter the destination, and the planned departure and return, will come out a variety of lodging options as below. Under three million per person to stay at a five-star resort, for three nights in Bali and including airfare, is very cheap isn’t it?

With AirAsiaGo, traveling cheap is now easier. [red/*]

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