Why HTTPS (Not HTTP) is the Best Option For Your Website

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Why HTTPS (Not HTTP) is the Best Option For Your Website
Why HTTPS (Not HTTP) is the Best Option For Your Website

OnlyTheBestChoice – Customers surf the web around the world every day without thinking about the few letters behind the counterattack and www dots. However, the combination of letters, ‘HTTP’ and ‘HTTPS’, is very important, and it’s important which one you choose to use with your website. So, what exactly are HTTP and HTTPS? Well, for starters, HTTP stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol,” while HTTPS stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.” Both acronyms represent applications that allow Internet users to access documents and other information supported by HTML, or HyperText Markup Language. Basically, what you can take away from this is HTTP and HTTPS helping you get to the places you visit when you surf the web or do business online.

So, the next question is, “which is better?” This question is easy to answer; it’s HTTPS. HTTP and HTTPS are pretty much the same, but HTTPS is, you guessed it, more secure. It is able to provide an additional layer of security because it uses SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, when moving data. This means when potential customers visit your site in search of a product or service, the information they send to you and the information you send back to them is encrypted and therefore well protected by https encryption algorithms. This is really the best way to run your business. Not only does it give your customers a better and safer experience, but it also gives them assurance that they can trust you. With all the options out there today, customers have the option of taking their business elsewhere if they feel like, if they put their information into shape, it could be compromised or stolen. This is why, again, you should choose HTTPS for your website. This not only protects your customer data, but also protects the success of your business.

Another main reason you should work with HTTPS is because it is preferred by the giant known as Google. This is especially important for those who use websites for marketing and SEO purposes, as Google is a gateway for customers. Google puts so much value in HTTPS that even now it uses it as a ranking signal. Speaking of SEO, let’s over a few of the advantages that you and your SEO work will get when you switch to HTTPS.

a. Your Ranking Will Increase

According to Google, those who switched from HTTP sites to HTTPS sites saw a slight early increase in their ranking. In addition, data analysis tells us definitively that HTTPS sites, on average, rank higher than HTTP-URLs. Note that, while you may find it difficult to measure, once you switch to HTTPS, your website’s ranking will likely continue to improve over time.

b. Referrer Data from Your Visitors Is Retained and Protected

The referrer’s data is, in effect, that information about where the traffic comes from, when passing through the site. This data is used by websites and web servers to determine where people visit them from, so that they can, one, tailor their ads and promotions to them, or, two, simply record the data for statistical purposes. This data passes through HTTP sites and HTTPS sites differently. First, when a visitor passes through an HTTP site, their referral information is sent directly and unencrypted. This is problematic for obvious reasons, but, no need to worry because, as you might have guessed, switching to an HTTPS site will fix this issue. HTTPS sites, such as HTTP sites, provide referral data, but unlike HTTP sites, they do so while keeping them safe.

c. Better Privacy and Security

Beyond the basic idea of encryption that we outlined earlier, there are several ways in which HTTPS provides privacy and security for your website and SEO purposes. Let’s see them in bullet points.

  • This stops third parties from tampering with data.
  • It authenticates the website, ensuring that the website is the website intended to communicate by the server.
  • It encrypts ALL communications on your website, including URLs, thus protecting information such as credit card numbers and browsing history.
  • This makes your site safer for your visitors.

If you want to stay relevant and well-ranked by Google and you want to provide a safe and positive online experience for your users, you really have no choice but to switch to HTTPS. One thing we recommend is that, if and when you switch, you notify Google of the update. That way, they’ll start improving your ranking faster. So, don’t wait! Switch to HTTPS today. [red/*]